Charter Nurse Consulting

Serving as a collaborator and strategist between the law and
medicine. The services of a highly competent legal nurse consultant provide a cost-effective, competitive edge in any case where health or medical concerns are an issue


To provide purposeful, unequivocal consultative support.
To champion a partnership of success.

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The smallest detail can make a difference in winning your case by bridging the gap between medicine and the law by condensing medical records, discerning the most relevant information, highlighting strengths, and exposing weaknesses.

Dedicated to All Successes-Yours and Ours


I am the Founder and CEO of Charter Nurse Consulting, a registered nurse with almost three decades of clinical experience in an array of healthcare settings. My nursing experience provides me with the ability to see opportunities and translates those opportunities into meaningful, medical-legal solutions and successes. I am passionate about the perseverance, integrity, collaboration, and execution of legal nurse consulting and would be honored to assist your firm.

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